Location: ??互搏体育?? Universal central air-conditioning controller
Cumulative sales of 3056 sets Cumulative sales of 1266 sets
Cumulative sales of 1562 sets Cumulative sales of 1131 sets Cumulative sales of 926 sets
Central air conditioning universal controller QTM110C4. All-in-one manual
Central air conditioning universal controller QTM120C2. Household air-cooled chiller (instruction)
Central air conditioning universal controller QTM120C4. Air-cooled chiller (instruction)
Central air-conditioning universal controller QTM130C4. Water-cooled cabinet (manual)
Central air conditioning universal controller QTM160C4. Water-cooled chiller (instruction)

ELY--Notice of the latest activities of Lengyuan Technology! Solicitation of use cases of central air-conditioning universal controller customers across the country welcome your active participation!

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Sales company: Shenzhen Lengyuan Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. · Company address: Room A1628, Main Building, Niulanqian Building, Minzhi Avenue, Longhua New District, Shenzhen · Postal Code: 518131
· Ordering hotline: 0755-83476533
· Investment agent: 0755-83476566
· Fax: 0755-83476099
Contact: Miss Liu 13612825743
· E-mail: 893986028@qq.com

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